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McLintock pre-set syringes are supplied in a durable plastic case with smooth hygienic inserts to accommodate either a single unit or a set of two. Within each case there is space for spare parts, needles and lubricant.

Designed for accuracy of dose and speed of use, the McLintock syringe can be pre-set for the required number of doses, up to 20, each of 0.1cc. Record or Schimmel type needles can be used to suit individual practice or preference.

McLintock syringes, spares and needles are supplied from stock. A maintenance and repair service is also available.

Regular cleaning and lubrication will maintain the McLintock syringe's smooth and efficient operation and can help to extend its useful life almost indefinitely. Detailed instructions for the use and care of the McLintock syringe are supplied with each instrument.

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